10 Jul 2013

WonderLoop antenna

If you have just bought a copy of the August 2013 copy of Practical Wireless you may have noticed that in the next edition (September) I'm doing a review of the WonderLoop antenna, although the editors managed to give me a new callsign by mistake in the "Coming next month" column on p77, HI.

Confidentiality prevents me saying anything yet until the edition is published, but I much enjoyed carrying out my tests.  I have absolutely no affiliation with the manufacturer or supplier. As a keen blogger I find it hard not to blog about something radio related that I have played with!

The Wonderwand page is at http://www.wonder-wand.co.uk/WonderWand/WW_Homepage.html .

If you are interested in reading my review, please buy the Sept 2013 copy of PW on sale August 8th.


Paul PC4T said...

Can you place a summary of the article on your blog? I do have a Miracle Whip, a lovely antenna which gave a lot pleasure. Unfortunately the antenna did not survive. After heavy usage. 73 Paul

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes, I shall do Paul, after the article has been published. I hope those that can will read the full information in PW magazine.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped buying PW regularly because of the incredible number of typos, spelling mistakes, omitted words and generally bad grammar, which makes reading it a struggle. But I'll make an exception for your article!

I wonder if the PW Editor is aware of the appalling standard of proof-reading.

73, Mike.

Roger G3XBM said...


Rob Mannion is stepping down as editor and they were/are looking for someone else to step up and fill the gap. I suspect Rob and Tex have been trying to do quite a lot without the help they need.

73s Roger