10 Jul 2013

Birdlip in the Cotswolds

The distant Malvern Hills from near Birdlip
There have been no posts for a few days as my wife and I have been away from home staying a couple of nights on the western edge of the Cotswolds at Birdlip. The occasion was a gathering with cousins I'd not seen for around 50 years. The gathering was excellent. We stayed at the Royal George Hotel (3 star rating) which was superbly located right next to the Cotswold Way path with good rooms, large gardens and excellent value meals.  I am please to report that everyone had a great time and got along fine!

This part of the Cotswolds would make an excellent VHF-microwave location with the Cotswold escarpment meaning the ground falls away dramatically towards Wales and the west. I didn't take any radio gear, but will do so if I stay there again. The hotel was a good find.

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