31 May 2013

A non radio week - grandchildren time

Grandsons on the London Eye
Since returning from our Swiss rail holiday last week, we've had 3 of our 4 young grandchildren staying with us all this week, on their own without mum and dad.  Both our children don't live locally, so we enjoy having the grandchildren come to stay.
At Wicken Fen today
As the youngest is 2 and the oldest just over 5, it has been a pretty "full-on" time, so amateur radio has taken a back seat.  Tomorrow, they return home and we will be having a few hours putting our home back together, HI.  On Wednesday we all went to the London Eye. The first photo shows the 2 little grandsons enjoying the view. The second is of me with one of my little granddaughters and her brother at Wicken Fen.

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