30 May 2013

A book worth reading

On one of my other blogs, Miscellaneous Musings, I have reported on a book recently read, whilst on holiday in Switzerland, about the banking crisis and how to fix it. See http://qss2.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/the-sickness-of-banks.html .

Reading the book left me fuming with anger and sadness that decent, hard working people could be so SHAFTED by greedy, corrupt and deceitful bankers out to make a quick buck. That the financial industry is supposedly such a major part of our economy is surely a sad reflection on the modern age.

The banking crisis is hitting us all and fixing the problems will take years and years. Motto: NEVER trust a banker or government and bury some of your savings in a box in the garden!

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John said...

Ah, Robert Peston - one of my heroes, along with Evan Davies.
I took control of my limited funds a few years ago and I'm getting a FAR better return now than I was when the banks and pension companies were 'looking after' my interests.