20 Apr 2013

A walk in the sunshine with the Ventus GPS tracker

As the weather was so beautiful this afternoon (full sun and around 13 deg C) I decided to do a country walk and track my progress using the Ventus GPS data logger bought from Martin Lynch and Sons.  The walk was 10.7km and took about 2hrs 34 minutes with a couple of relaxing breaks for a drink and a snack.  No ham radio gear was taken this time, because I forgot to charge up my VX2 handheld. Next time, HI.  Incidentally Quy was where my optical beacon reached (over the horizon) a few weeks ago. When you walk that far it seems a VERY long way away!

This is a plot of the walk taken with the low cost GPS tracker  then plotted with Google Earth.
Today's walk in the Cambridgeshire countryside

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