20 Apr 2013

13.8V distribution board

If you are like me, you'll have several pieces of equipment in the shack that run off 12-13.8V supplies and only one PSU that is used for everything.  This results in a very untidy arrangement.

I see that Martin Lynch sell a Mydel PW-100 4-way distribution board with fuses on each output. Although a similar unit could easily be built, this is not a bad price for a ready-made unit complete with spare connectors at around 30 pounds.

When arranging my new shack I shall have to either buy one of these or make up something similar.

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Paolo said...

Roger, back in 2009 I had solved the problem repurposing a 220V AC multiple socket outlet, as described here: http://ik1zyw.blogspot.it/2009/04/distributing-12v-in-shack.html . I reckon it is not fused but much cheaper.