20 Mar 2013

QSOs with the Elecraft K1

As I am considering selling my Elecraft K1 rig to fund some other purchases, I decided to fire it up this afternoon to see that all was well. It turned out to be a very pleasant QRP session with 8 QSOs in 8 countries in the log at 5W on 40m and 20m in a casual hour or so of operating. In addition, there is a page full of reverse beacon spots for the CQ calls that didn't get answered. With the Par 10/20/40 end-fed antenna it doesn't need much to match the antenna: in fact without the auto-ATU it should match well on 40 and 20m, although with the internal auto-ATU I can also match this on 30 and 15m.

I still have mixed feelings about parting with this rig: it doesn't get used much so really would be better with someone who would make full use of it. On the other hand, when I use it I get good results and plenty of QSOs. We'll see if it goes or stays in the coming days. It will be on eBay if being sold, but not until I've carefully thought about it.


Hajo Dezelski said...


Better keep it. Some months ago I made comparisons between the SOLF, K2, K1, FT 817 and it was on the second place.
You just have to use it and considering the size it is really an amazing TRX.

72 de Hajo (DL1SDZ)

Frank Waarsenburg said...

Roger, don't sell it. Got a K1 myself, and it is my favorite rig. In fact, the only one I own with built-in batteries and ATU. Goes with me on every holiday. Sounds better in CW than my FT857. Whatever I will sell, not my K1...