20 Mar 2013

KW Vanguard

Alan's KW Vanguard
Memories of when first licenced were stirred this evening with an email from Alan McWhirter near Edinburgh who is restoring an old KW Vanguard (CW and AM transmitter) to working order. My first ever outings on HF were with my old G8 callsign operating under the supervision of Bill G4PJ. On a Sunday morning he would let me loose with the Vanguard and we'd work several locals on 80m and some Europeans on 40 and 20m, all on AM in 1967.

A reminder to Alan and others that most 10m AM activity is between 29 - 29.1MHz. In recent months there has been plenty of activity on AM when the band has been open across the Atlantic. Great fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy days with Vanguard built from a kit - Tune the 6146 PA valve for maximum 'glow'.
John - GW3OIN

Anonymous said...

I just saw it being used in the first bond movie "Dr. No".