23 Mar 2013

More K1 fun

Since getting my Elecraft K1 out of "hibernation" a few days ago I've had some lovely contacts with it on 40 and 20m as well as plenty of reverse beacon reports on 40, 30, 20 and 15m CW. I'd forgotten quite what a gem the K1 really is. No great DX - all the QSOs have been around Europe - but all at 5W with just the fairly basic Par 10/20/40 end-fed antenna. The receiver is lovely with signals just appearing nice and clearly, even QRP signals, out of the quiet background. This is not a synthesised rig and it sounds more like my old FT7 which had an excellent receiver.  Sensitivity is pretty good, and certainly fine for working other QRP stations around 7.030 and 14.060MHz, the QRP centres of activity.

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