22 Mar 2013

FT817ND prices at Waters and Stanton

Looking on the Waters and Stanton website I notice they have increased the price of the FT817ND by around £30 to £565.95, despite the Yen exchange rate improving (in W&S's favour) by around 10%. I was rather hoping that the revised price might be nearer £499 i.e. downwards.

Would W&S care to comment on why the price has gone up suddenly by so much?

Perhaps there is a very good reason. To help everyone understand what I mean, see the BBC currency graph for the Yen over the last 12 months.

Looks to me like the UK pound buys a LOT more yen than in the summer of last year. Come on W&S, tell us what's going on.

UPDATE: I am being told the price in the USA has risen by $50 recently so maybe the rise is being driven by Yaesu? If so then they could be in trouble: falling handheld sales as a result of Chinese competition may be forcing them to squeeze for profits elsewhere? The slippery slope to niche markets and ...?


John said...

Perhaps they buy them in U$ dollars.

They're available for around £450 / U$650 retail in US.

The U$ : £ rate isn't good for us at the moment.


Roger G3XBM said...

Surely if you buy products from Japan, you buy them in Yen? The ONLY justification for such a sharp price hike in my view if component and labour costs have gone up. To the best of my knowledge this is NOT the case. I suspect they are "trying it on" and we, the poor punter suffers.

John said...

Ah, you're talking the British logic there!
I agree with what you say.
I've only ever bought new amateur radio gear from the USA, I just refuse to be screwed by the monopolies that we're subjected to here.
Oh, I just remembered - monopolies are illegal here....perhaps the uniform high prices we're charged are coincidental.
Me a cynic? Naah!

Dick said...

At a time when Ten-Tec and Elecraft are very serious competitors in the QRP radio market, it would seem intelligent marketing to if not lower the price of the FT-817, at least not raise it.

However, I have no intimate knowledge of British price setting procedures.

Paul PC4T said...

Money, money, money, that's what they want.

Roger G3XBM said...

Dick, a very good point about the competition. Or are they getting prices higher so a nice new FT818 doesn't look so expensive when (if?) it ever appears?

Ian MW0IAN said...

A few years ago this rig was
£349.99 and I should have purchased one then..

73 Ian

Steve Wigg said...

They have got to keep the lights on, pay the staff, and the most important thing keep those lovely profits up! :-)

Its a known cartel!

If you are desperate the answer is shop around, explore other avenues like the States, but beware if its faulty you will have to stump up the cost of sending it back!

You could always take up knitting and make youself a nice warm winter pully, a lot more useful at the moment than a rig stuck in the cupboard.

73 Steve


Dick said...

"...are they getting prices higher so a nice new FT818 doesn't look so expensive when (if?) it ever appears?"

Proper observation,Roger.

I do have to wonder if Yaesu intends an update of the 817 with the QRP Elecrafts and Ten-Tecs already out there. Not to mention other kits. Especially with this dull cycle already on a bit of a decline and only we old die-hard QRPers in the market.

Hard play to call.

Steve Wigg said...

Now I think sbout it, I read somewhere that production of the FT-817 has not long come back online?

The cheapest UK priced I can find is £519. Advertised at a new lower price


73 Steve


Roger G3XBM said...

A question was asked directly to W&S using their website enquiry form today - why has the FT817ND price risen? As yet, I am still awaiting a reply.

g4fre said...

The price has also gone up now over here in the USA, they are $699.95 an increase of around $50 from when I last checked



Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Dave. Suggests its a Yaesu driven rise. Seemy update to the post above.

Steve Wigg said...

My last words on this: The Chinese are coming!

73 Steve