15 Mar 2013

1mW (0dBm) TX on 40m WSPR

Just for fun I'm having a go at QRPp WSPR on 40m. The set-up is the FT817 on 500mW going directly into a 26dB attenuator that feeds the Par 10/20/40 end-fed longwire antenna in the garden at around 5m above ground. So far, after about 10 minutes a few spots received: G3XVL at 61km being the best DX with reports also from G4IKZ and G4NRG.


Graham said...

Good day Roger,

I will make a note checking on spots for call late on as I also find this quite interesting.

Of late I have been experimenting with QRPp and QRSS on various bands. I have succeeded in being regularily seen on a QRSS in Pensacola Florida while transmitting 1.8mW - a distance of 1900 km on 30m. In the coming week or so I intend to try this again but on 40m once I complete building a suitable amplifier for my DDS VFO signal source.

I am surprised with your interest in QRPp and WSRP and so forth that you haven't ventured in the world of QRSS, that is unless I have missed your writing on the subject.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Graham,

I use QRSS3 on my "experimental" bands like 481THz (light), 8.97kHz and 136kHz but never yet on HF. The instant feedback with WSPR is useful, although I've always tied up a PC which would not be needed (apart from checking grabbers) with QRSS3. Maybe then soon.

73s Roger