16 Feb 2013

HF noise and 481THz experiments again

This morning I notice that most of HF, to 15m at least, has an S6 noise level here. it is making operating on HF a real pain.

Phlatlight QRO LED for 481THz over-the-horizon QRSS tests
Actually I am beginning to think about restarting the 481THz (red light beam) over-the-horizon QRSS tests again. At least at nanowaves you can see the interference! My first project will be to build a new nanowave receiver using the SFH203 detector which should be some 6-7dB more sensitive than my current detector head, which is already impressively sensitive.  Next I want to try out the QRO Phlatlight LEDs I've had for several months but not yet fired up. They should be VERY bright with 100mm lenses, so a lot of care will be needed.

Practical Wireless is currently running a series of articles on lightwave communications written by Stuart G8CYW. This should be an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to have a go at speech over light or long range data transmission (line of sight or non line of sight). Stuart has done more than anyone to encourage light beam communications.

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