16 Feb 2013

G3XBM website

Please let me have feedback on how you find my new website layout for my main website at www.g3xbm.co.uk . In recent weeks there's been a complete overhaul of the site but I have yet to get any feedback from people who visit it, good or bad.

Please email me at address given on the website and above, or leave a comment here. To prevent spam bots you will have to copy the address into your email package manually as the address is shown as a jpg image, not a clickable link.

Finally may I apologise for the silly nonesense you have to go through to post a comment here on this blog. When I remove the web bot filter ("copy the words you see" stuff) I get loads of rubbish, so felt it was necessary to keep it, despite the hassle. Alternatively you can send me any blog comments by email and I will add them for you.


Robert said...

Your new site looks very good and is quite useful. I don't know exactly what your intent is, but I find it to be an extremely easy-to-use reference to find circuits and details that you've posted in the past. It definitely makes a great reference site, and the style does not get in the way of finding things.

As a direct replacement for your old site, the current lack of a comment system is a slight negative. You might consider enabling site comments (either Google Site comments or an alternative). This lack may also be limiting the feedback you receive on the new site, as there is no "in your face" obvious way to either comment on a post or send you a direct comment.

Joshua Tolley said...

I'm a newbie, and am excited to browse the new site a bit. I admit that (since I'm a newbie) I hadn't looked through the old version loads. That said, it seems to have loads of circuits and theory I'd like to wrap my head around.