28 Jan 2013

WSPRing again on 137.5kHz

Today I built a breadboard version of my transverter for 137kHz and now I have it running WSPR-2 for the evening.

RF power from the IRF640 transverter PA is around 30-40W (depending on the PA voltage) and the ERP should be around 25-30uW using the earth-electrode antenna.  At present, the transverter is only on 20% duty cycle TX and I have still to add the RX preamp and switching.

My recent 137.766kHz QRSS3 tests using a measured just 6.6uW ERP from the earth-electrode antenna have now concluded.  Best reports were G3WCB (101km), G3XDV (61km) and G4FEV (56.7km).
G3XBM just detectable on G3WCB's trace at 101km
Stronger signal with G3XDV at 61km
Similar signal at G4FEV at 56.7km
Judging by the QRSS3 results with 6dB lower ERP than my WSPR signal, I think reports out to >100km should certainly be possible as long as people are looking.  WSPR2 is able to detect at about the same level as QRSS10, so overall I have around 11dB more "system gain" (5dB QRSS3 to WSPR, 6dB ERP improvement).

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