29 Jan 2013

My new WSPR DX record on 137.5kHz

Having run the 137.5kHz transverter with WSPR-15 (15 minute on periods) overnight - around 30uW from the earth-electrode antenna - I wasn't too hopeful about my chances with WSPR-2 this morning. WSPR-15 failed because of the thermal drift in the 15 minute on period I think.

Anyway I put the TX on WSPR-2 on 137.5khz this morning and let it run. After a couple of hours with no success I was VERY pleased to see I had been spotted several times by G8HUH at 250km. My previous record a year or so ago was just 148km (G3YXM) so this is considerably further and entirely in line with my predictions based on the QRSS3 beacon results.


Anonymous said...

That may have been you I heard last night Roger.
Very long transmissions starting in time with the WSPR periods
No decode here using WSPR ver 2 (I have no idea how to decode WSPR-15 unless it does it automatically). A very strong signal, perfectly Q5. Easily good enough for a CW QSO and much stronger than the other day. Will keep listening. 73 Dave G4FEV....

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Dave.

It should be about 6dB stronger: the PA puts out around 30-40W depending on the transverter's PA supply. WSPR-15 needs WSPRX downloading. I think my issue with this slower, more sensitive version is LO drift. WIll stick to WSPR2 for now and see how it goes. WIll make the transverter full transceive later this week.