20 Jan 2013

ILER-40 and ILER-20 QRP SSB transceiver kits

The ILER-40 and ILER-20 are low cost, simple 4-5W QRP SSB transceivers for 40m and 20m from Spain, designed by Javier EA3GCY.  They are designed around NE602 ICs working bi-directionally to save parts.

Built on a 12 x 10cm PCB, they look easy to build.  Details are available at http://www.qsl.net/ea3gcy/ . The price is a snip at just 67.50 euros plus 10 euros shipping. It looks a very well engineered kit.

ILER-40 (and ILER-20) QRP SSB kit from EA3GCY
See http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/10700 for a number of (very good) reviews of this kit which looks like a neat introduction to QRP SSB operation. Kits now being supplied include a small AGC sub-board. The kit does not include a microphone or case.

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Anonymous said...

I agreed this is a nice little QRP kit got 1 myself build it and I just waiting for a DDS vfo I am actually putting a 20 and 40 together on the same case regards 73 de
K 7 E l a