20 Jan 2013

IC7100 price

Whilst checking the trade-in value of my Elecraft K1 transceiver with Martin Lynch yesterday (in my case for another FT817), I asked when the IC7100 was likely to be available in the UK and its likely price.  Indications are that the IC7100 is going to be here in the spring with a price tag of around £1700. This does not include the D-star option. Clearly these dates and prices are not certain. It will be considerably more expensive than the IC7000 though. That much is certain.

An IC7100 at that price is rather more than I would want to pay, but if it was to last 12 years like my current FT817 already has, it might be worth it, especially with 4m,  2m and 70cm coverage. On the other hand, a second (additional) FT817 would do all I really need at under a third of the price!

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Dick said...

I can't comment on the IC7100. Haven't had time to research it. But the FT-817ND certainly remains a good,solid performer. And the price is right. Mine continues to please.