5 Jan 2013

First JT9-1 QSO on 472kHz

This afternoon I had my first digital 2-way QSO on the new 472kHz band using JT9-1 mode created by K1JT. The contact was with G3ZJO in IO92. Solid -15dB S/N reports were exchanged. I am still getting to grips with the JT mode procedure.
QRP JT9-1 QSO with G3ZJO today on the 472kHz band
 I also tried to work G3KEV on CW but he was unable to hear my QRP signal. I will try for more JT9-1 QSOs over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
What do you recommend as dial frequency for jt9 ? Maybe I'll try jt9 on 472.
Thanks, 73, Ron,, PA2RF

Roger G3XBM said...

Ron, I set the same USB dial as for WSPR (474.2MHz) and operated just below the WSPR window i.e. around 1300Hz nominal.

Anonymous said...

Tnx for the quick reply Roger.
By the way my qrpp wspr signal on 472khz reached 21 stations last week. Unfortunately no path between our stations (yet). I use a similar transverter as you with IRF510 and TFM2 mixer. Use fence in garden as ground and about 10 meters of wire as antenna. No more space :-(. 73 Ron PA2RF

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick reply. Will install JT-9 on short term to see what's possible. This weak my wspr qrpp 474 kHz sig was heard at 21 stations. Not bad for a transverter similar to yours (IRF510 with tfm-2 mixer). Antenna 10m wire and fence in garden serves as ground. 73 Ron PA2RF