6 Jan 2013

Earth electrode TX/RX antenna at 472kHz

Signals received on 472kHz WSPR using the earth electrode "antenna"
This afternoon I've been experimenting with my 20m spaced earth electrode system (used at 8.97kHz VLF), but this time on 472kHz WSPR. One electrode is an earth rod at the bottom of the garden and the other is a connection to the copper pipes in the home. Although I need to analyse results more carefully after an overnight run, the system certainly works with spots of my TX already received across England and from Holland. G4HJW 9km away is as nearly strong on the earth electrode system as on my vertical Marconi.

UPDATE 1715gmt: just been spotted by DL-SWL at 701km!!!

I honestly do not understand why this system - with wire no higher than 1.5m in the air running along the fence between the earth rods - works as well as it does. This is a short video showing the system in operation.
The ERP with the earth electrode system cannot be more than around 5mW which makes the performance all the more remarkable.
Some of the TX reports this afternoon with the 472kHz earth electrode system


Unknown said...

Amazing result. Congratulations with the earth electrode ant setup.
73 Ron PA2RF

Steve Wigg said...

Pure Ground Wave.

Sounds like you are having fun!

73 G1KQH