9 Dec 2012

Miracle Antenna products

Although not the world's best performing antennas, the Miracle Whip and its associated variations have their uses when one is looking for a compact and easily tuned antenna for field use. On the higher HF bands the loss compared with a full 1/4 wave is less than might be expected if a decent counterpoise is used (1-2 S points down only).

Recently the Canadian owner, Robert, sadly died after a year or so of health problems. There were some doubts whether or not the company would continue, but it appears it will. Perrin VK3XPT made enquiries about the availability of one of their products, the Miracle Ducker and reported as follows to the Miracle Whip Yahoo Group:


Here is the current status of Miracle Whip stock, globally. I hope this will help someone else here on the group!

- Miracle Antenna do not have any new stock of the Miracle Ducker range. They are waiting on some parts to arrive in the next couple of weeks, which enable them to complete a shipment of new Miracle Ducker TL that they will be sending to Hamcity. This looks to be the only shipment that will be made to any dealer for some time.

- WSPLC.com appear to have some stock, and I have placed an order with them. Fingers crossed that their website is up to date, and showing correct stock levels.

- I have contacted all (yes, all) other Miracle Antenna dealers, and even though some websites are showing stock, this is not actually the case!

So, if you want a Miracle Ducker TL any time soon, Hamcity and WSPLC.com look to be our only and best options. I hope this helps and I will keep the group updated on my progress.

Perrin VK3XPT

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