9 Dec 2012

Batteries by Royal Mail - some change to rules

Some changes are about to come into force which will affect what can be sent by Royal Mail.  It would appear that some rules are being relaxed whereas others are being made more strict and this could have an effect on sending certain items, such as lithium batteries, via Royal Mail. 

Steve G1KQH sent me this which he received from Battery Force, a battery supplier:
"From the 10th of January 2013 due to legislation outside our control, Battery Force will no longer be able to send Lithium batteries using Royal Mail Post. All Lithium batteries sent after this date, will have to go by courier. Using couriers will unfortunately increase the delivery charge for lithium batteries."
The Royal Mail website attempts to clarify the rules here:

At the moment I'm not clear what the implications will be. It does sound a little like "job's worth" and health and safety gone mad although, like all such moves, the intention is good: to make the mail service safer.  But before long we will not be allowed to walk across a road because of the danger
How did we manage in years gone by?


Anonymous said...

This is pure insanity. In May 2012, the U.S. Post Office which is facing seemingly inevitable demise due to the burden of Big Socialist Government and corrupt Labor Union practices, also chose to place bans on the shipping of Lithium based batteries. But as of around the second week in November 2012, it seems they have lifted the ban - but only for devices that have the batteries "installed" when manufactured (e.g., iPhone etc.), not the likes of a camera that ships with the battery in the box separate, but not "installed". A requirement which is even more ridiculous than the original battery ban. So now distributors are opening boxes and "installing" the batteries in the devices they come with before shipping via the U.S. Post Office. And imagine, the U.S. is now going to allow this Government Monstrosity run the health care system - deadly.

73's David

Steve Wigg said...

After prompting Roger about this, I contacted 409shop HK


This is one good dealer in Hong Kong who over the years as given me and others very good service with new Handhelds and Accessories etc.

The reply recieved from 409 shop: Customs could block the package.

So if this is the case it may be wise to stock up before the 10 January 2013 ?

73 Steve