31 Dec 2012

Goodbye 500kHz - it was good to know you.

This evening the 500kHz band is being withdrawn from UK amateurs at midnight, as it is in most other countries too, to be replaced by the 472-479kHz band. So, this evening is the end of an era.

With 2 young grandchildren staying with us for a few days (and using the shack as a bedroom), opportunities to get on the band have been very limited, but I did manage an hour of WSPR beaconing around tea time tonight as my way of saying "farewell" to the band. There were plenty of stations active as the reports below indicate.
So, I'll be QRT for a few days then starting up on 472kHz, although if I get a chance I shall be WSPRing during some of the day on New Year's Day.
Stations receiving my 10mW ERP 500kHz WSPR signals this evening


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, enjoy your entries and articles in SPRAT. Thanks. Nice to have the grandchildren over. Happy New Year for you and the family. 73, Bert

Roger G3XBM said...

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Bert, and indeed to everyone who reads this blog.

David Cope said...

Happy New Year Roger & Family (and fellow blog readers).

5317KHz - or should that be Kc/s :-) - is where the New Year's A.M. action was this morning. Nice signals from G3YPZ on 5W.

Roger - I hope there is a 5MHz fredbox soon! :-)

Best. G8JGO (1st New Year resolution done - am QRV on 70.26MHz A.M. from IO91XX).