25 Dec 2012

A Happy Christmas

A very Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog. Today has been spent with some of the family enjoying good food, drinks and games. More of the family comes here tomorrow and yet more later in the week. We are now sitting down watching the typical Christmas TV fare in front of the roaring fire.

Quietly in the background, my WSPR beacon has been running with best DX 2-way reports with Brazil and best reception the Nambian WSPR beacon. 

One of my presents was a book of maps of the South Devon Coastal Footpath and another the second edition of QRP Basics. In a later blog I'll review the new version.

But now it is back to mince pies and a cup of tea!

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Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, we spent the day at home. Tomorrow we will have visitors. I'm looking forward to that. Received SPRAT yesterday. Thanks for the nice article. Good luck on 4 m. 73, Bert