24 Dec 2012

5MHz NoV

A band that I have never tried before, apart from brief periods listening, is 5MHz. So, this afternoon I applied for an NoV, which was received by return email. Not sure what kit I shall use to get on the band (or when) as nothing I have covers 5MHz TX. Perhaps another transverter design is called for.


David Cope said...

Hi Roger,

I used to work 60m - quite a few SOTA stations using FT-817s. Nice bit of the spectrum - good for QRP under some conditions. And, with the new blocks of spectrum, might there not be an opportunity for some QRM free AM? I note the NoV states 6khz max bandwidth double sideband - have not seen the text of the new NoV so it may not exclude a carrier.

73 G8JGO

Anonymous said...

Hi David

The footnote states DSB with bandwidth limited to 6 KHz.
I have some SBL-1 double balanced mixers and astable signal source just need to tailor the microphone amlplifier
for a cutoff frequency of 3 KHz.
A simple crystal controled transceiver using a SA602 would be a better option.

Tony G4LLW

David Cope said...

Interesting idea Tony. A simple DSB TRX for 5Mhz would make a good project. I've heard that there will be an AM net on New Year's day on 5Mhz (QRG unknown) by some of the VMARS crowd - so it looks like AM is allowed! Yeah!

David. G8JGO.