28 Dec 2012

472kHz (quiet) RX preamp

When the grandchildren and family have all gone home next week, my first project will be to improve the RX antenna system for 472-479kHz receive. As mentioned before, I am suffering badly from SMPSU noise pick-up inside the house, so plan to install a magnetic loop and preamp somewhere towards the bottom of the garden in an attempt to minimise pick-up from my own home and from neighbours. With a loop there is also the ability to sharply tune the antenna and to null interference from the worse directions. The circuit I propose to use is a version of my 9kHz tuned preamp, which has been used to copy G, DL and OK amateur stations on 8.97kHz last year. The loop will simply be retuned to the new MF band.  Not sure whether series or parallel connection to the loop will be better as both should work depending on the FET stage configuration (common base or common source).
Proposed tuned preamp, but with values changed for 472-479kHz

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