25 Nov 2012

More 10m (28MHz) Projects

With the Tenbox coming along just fine - I should have a completed breadboard version on-air this week - I am beginning to think that I could spend nearly all my free time designing different ideas for this, my favourite, band!

Here is just a brief list of some of my 10m ideas (all do-able with some time):
  • 10m QRP AM transceiver (Tenbox)
  • 10m QRP DSB transceiver
  • 10m pocket SSB/CW "holiday" receiver
  • 10m mixer-VFO controlled CW transceiver
  • 10m compact portable antennas for mobile and hand-portable
  • 10m VXO controlled QRP TX
  • 10m phasing SSB transceiver (10W)
  • 10m beacon RX
  • 10m test box (power meter, ATU, SWR bridge, FS/mod meter)
  • Modules for 10m rigs (VXO, mixer-VFO, LPF, TX strip, DC RX, AM modulator, audio power amp etc)
Now, as I like to do so many different things in this exciting hobby - including on-air operating some times! - it is unlikely all these will get done anytime soon.

What occurs to me, if I had the time, is that a mini-series in a magazine like PW or RadCom entitled "Ten Projects for Ten Metres" would be a nice idea. 10m is one of the best bands for homebrewing as layout is not too critical, as long as sensible RF rules are followed, antennas are small, superb DX is possible in the better years and Es DX possible for 4-5 months every year, local ranges are useful for nattering across town. All in all, this band has SO much to offer.

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