25 Nov 2012

A 2m AM calling frequency

At the recent RSGB Spectrum Forum Meeting (Nov 3rd 2012) the ongoing matter of an AM calling/working frequency was raised. At issue is why our national society, which is there to help and support ordinary experimenters like you or I, seems to be totally against putting a 2m AM frequency properly in the UK band plan. 144.55MHz is the frequency of choice.

This is what appeared in the minutes:
"7.7 G-QRP
Report accepted

Listing of an AM centre of activity frequency in the Band Plans
It was noted that this has been raised previously with no success. It was suggested that a “custom and practice” approach would be the only way of moving forward i.e. identify a frequency, use it and make it known."
Excuse me dear Spectrum Forum members, but this is stupid!  You have centre frequencies for all manner of other modes, but not AM. So, why not just print these words in the bandplan? :-

144.55MHz   AM calling frequency and centre of AM activity

I am not one to get easily irritated, but the RSGB stance on 2m AM is beyond belief.

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David Cope said...

Hi Roger.

I am with you on this one. It's the reason I'm not an RSGB member. AM is my favourite mode, both to listen to (Broadcast and amateur) and operate when I can. After CW it's the simplest of modes for the homebrewer (smaller section of the radio community) and requires one to step outside of the norm in ham radio (the herding instinct) and take become an advocate in it's defence.

AM deserves as much respect as CW given it's historical importance in radio. We should be curators of this mode and, yes, it should be a first class citizen and afforded it's own place in the spectrum where it can shine.

Not, as seems the case here, be treated like the unspoken illegitimate offspring of a dark family secret.

For a start, the RSGB could perhaps remove that patronised footnote tagged on the end of each bandplan.

I listened to the A.M.P.S. (Amplitude Modulation Preservation Society) on topband today (1908KHz - late afternoon onwards) -maybe European AMers should band togther and organise in order to influence, rather than been looked upon as the Dead Poets Society of ham radio.

David. G8JGO.