28 Aug 2012

New ICOM all-band multimode

Icom have announced that they will be introducing a new multi-mode, multi-band radio called the IC7100 which includes 70MHz at 50W on some versions. This is, to my knowledge, the first time one of the big manufacturers has properly included 4m in the design. I know at least one Yaesu rig was capable of working on the band, albeit with some compromises. The new Icom rig has a separated control head with a sloping front, which is ideal for desktop operation and mobile.  It will be interesting to see the price and when it is likely to be launched. Also, whether or not they intend to do a 10W version (like the IC703) which was very popular with QRP enthusiasts.


VE3WDM said...

Roger I like the idea of the touch screen but I hope they get it right as it can be a real pain when it is to sensitive . Or if you can always hit two buttons as the screen tries to hold lots of functions and all you end up doing is getting upset at the radio.

Anonymous said...

the 7100 is bloody marvellous! I'm enjoying it all the time. It's a doddle to use too and a nice receiver.

David M0YDH