27 Aug 2012

A bit further with the WISPY RX

Although not in the best of shape today, I spotted CX1BP (11131km) and EA8FF on 10m WSPR today.  Not bad for a handful of cheap parts.

I had a bit of trouble today with the SE602 I was using for the TX part of WISPY (it may have been faulty but I was unable to get a clean DSB signal out of mine), so when I get back on the project after a week of interruptions coming up I'm going to go for the simple 2 diode single balanced mixer instead on TX. I know this works well and is less expensive.  The TX part can be simpler than the RX I believe.

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DD5CF said...

Well done Roger, I will have a go at building this, now lets see whats in the junkbox.

Thanks for putting this on the web.

Vy 73 de Colin DD5CF / G1ZOS