20 Jul 2012

GQRP Component Data Book

Tony Fishpool G4WIF, G4CCQ, G3OOU and others have created an on-line, downloadable, GQRP Data Book which has the pin-outs of a number of devices commonly used in QRP designs featured in SPRAT and elsewhere. It is just what I need to stop me having to look up parts on the internet every time. This is "a work in progress" as they say with updates and additions coming frequently.

Finally, why not join the GQRP Club? Its quarterly magazine SPRAT is still the best amateur magazine in the world and remarkable value at £6 UK, 12 euros or $18 US. Details at http://www.gqrp.com/join.htm .  As well as very interesting constructional projects, the magazine has operating news, useful adverts from QRP suppliers as well as adverts for GQRP club sales which supplies members with useful QRP parts (semiconductors, crystals, DVDs of SPRAT back issues, etc) at very reasonable prices. The GQRP club represents the spirit and ethos of amateur radio at its best.

1 comment:

Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

Very handy Roger.

I'm busy to rebuild my shack but already download the sheet.

Thanks for the tip.

73, Gose