20 Jul 2012

472/500kHz TX transverter - first schematic

10W 472/500kHz TX Transverter (CW, WSPR, OPERA, QRSS)
OK, here is the first schematic (subject to corrections, changes and improvements) of my simple TX transverter for 472 or 500kHz. This one needs no expensive parts and went together painlessly. The PA filter parts used the GW3UEP approach of winding thickish copper wire (1mm in my case) onto 22mm white PVC drain pipe pieces. The mixer, LO and squarer stage all use ubiquitous 2N3904 transistors (my favorite!) and the PA a cheap IRF510 FET that produces 10W RF without even getting warm.

Next stage is to add the RX preamp and filter and sort out RX-TX switching. I also want to try to go for a higher PA output power which will require changes to the output network.

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