9 Jul 2012

FT817 speech processor - English translation

Dave G3YMC kindly did an approximate translation of the German instructions for the Funk Amateur speech processor that I built at the weekend. This may be of use to others building this kit. Dave says this is not a precise translation and does not want to be held responsible if he has made any mistakes!

Incidentally on a local SSB contact with G3KKD this evening I switched from "processor out" to "processor in" and Ian said it nearly blew his head off, so it works, HI.


Saulius said...

where can I found instruction in germany?

Adrian said...

Hi Roger,

Here is an article in english of the speech processor, but the version with only one RJ-45. Anyway I think its the same circuit, built around SSM2165 chip:


73 Adrian YO4HHP

bcdlr said...

Roger, thanks for the translation. I found another one but it was indeed the one with a single RJ-45 - and the one I found was indeed different. The two IC's in it were SMD and all the other parts were through hole.
How did you adjust the compression ratio? 73
Dan -- KB9JLO