8 Jul 2012

FT817 speech processor built and working - brilliantly!

DYC-8x7 speech processor tucked under the FT817
This morning I built the Funk Amateur DYC-8x7 speech processor kit that came last week. Total assembly time, taking it slowly, was just 30 minutes with no problems at all. Testing and set-up was easy in the end and the results so far are spectacular.

VHF NFD is running - I'd forgotten this - so this is an ideal time to test the rig with the processor in circuit. Using just my 10m halo - feeder loss is such that it is a good match, if not an efficient antenna, on both 2m and 70cm! - I went on and gave a few points away on 2m and 70cms. Whereas before I would be struggling, contacts came easily. The little speech processor makes a LOT of difference and is an excellent product.

Conclusion: at 34 euros delivered to the UK this represents excellent value for such an effective product.

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Frank Waarsenburg said...

My experience with contests is that everyone wants to hear you then, because they need the points. And the report is always 59(9), even when you have to repeat your call several times. I can work the whole world with my K1 in a contest weekend, and get not a single reply when CQ-ing during weekdays. A contest is certainly not a good reference for reports...