7 Jul 2012

FT817 speech compressor kit arrives

My Funkamateur BX-8x7 audio speech compressor kit (also known as the DYC-8x7) has now arrived. I was impressed by the speed of delivery and the packaging. The kit looks ideal and straightforward to build. One problem with this design was the RJ45 connector lead, but the latest version has 2 RJ45 sockets already fitted on the module and a ready made lead (with plugs on) to connect between the unit and the FT817. The MH-31 mic simply plugs into the other socket. The actual building should only take about 20-30 minutes.

My only difficulty is in the instructions which is a copy of the original Funk Amateur article  in German. I am hoping someone can translate this for me, or give me a precis with setting up instructions.


Dan Reynolds said...

Do you happen to have the web page link where the instructions were located (I wanted to translate and save them).

Dai84b said...

Same here Roger. The last thing my dear German wife wants to read is an article on Radio and Electronics. We managed the first two sections before she decided shopping at Aldi was more fun!
David M0YDH / GQRP 12764

Anonymous said...

Was looking at this as an alternative to the big punch but was not able to make out the web site and I suspect that the assembly manual would be equally problematical :-(

George Smart said...

Can you still get this kit from FunkAmateur? I have been looking and can't see it under any of the categories?

The link you provide seems to go straight to their homepage?

Kind Regards
George Smart, M1GEO