21 Jul 2012

472/500kHz transceive transverter

Rev C Transverter (one correction: o/p LPF cap 6n8, not 100n)

Armed with the sensitivity data in the last post I have now modified my MF transverter to add the receive parts, without a preamp. I used the same scheme adopted in my old transverter to automatically switch through the 500kHz (or 472kHz) signal on receive directly to the FT817. Only 4 additional parts were needed to make it into a TX/RX transverter.  As proof that the RX part is working I have just copied PA0WMR with a huge signal on OPERA Op4 with the signal passing through the transverter.


Anonymous said...

The mixer around T2 surprises me. It saves an expensive SBL1 !
Is the performance comparable ?
73 Ron

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes it works fine Ron.

Neil Klagge said...

Roger, this is very encouraging to me. I have an FT100d that should work as well. I assume that I could also use my 3.900 MHz FT243 crystal and tune my radio to a freq that is 472 higher (or lower) to tx on 600m. Do you see any problem with using ur circuit this way? Neil in Utah, de w0yse/7

Roger G3XBM said...

Neil, yes it will work with crystals a few MHz either side of the frequency I used (to get the new band to appear within an unmodified FT817 tuning range).

Still working on the design folks so check back periodically.