21 Jun 2012

Rigol test equipment

The Rigol Spectrum analyser at £895 plus VAT
In recent weeks I've seen several adverts on the ARRL website (I had a 30 day free trial) for test equipment made by a company called Rigol. In the UK they sell a well specified spectrum analyser for £895 plus VAT, which looks an incredible bargain for such an instrument. They also do a range of other pieces of test equipment such as scopes, waveform generators and power supplies. Although £895 is a bit out of my price range, I wonder if anyone reading this has any experience of this supplier's kit? If so, what is it like in terms of quality and reliability? If one was running a small RF design business one could set up a small, well equipped lab for a few thousand pounds with all new gear from this supplier. How do they do it?

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Eric Söderman said...

I bought the standard scope from them. I saw that w7zoi and ve7bpo had one so if it is ok for them, it is ok for me. :) and it is!