21 Jun 2012

Digital QST

Although not (yet) an ARRL member I am tempted join to get the new digital version of QST magazine. A sample of this new digital version is available from the ARRL website.

QST has been a very useful source of data going back to around 1916. I well remember thumbing through the copy in Plymouth library when attending  RAE lessons at Plymouth Tech way back in 1966.


VE3WDM said...

Good afternoon Roger, I have been a member of the ARRL for about 5 years now. QST is a great magazine and has lots of great stuff in it each month. I thought it was great they offered the digi version as a bonus and not charge extra for it. There have been other magazines that have charged extra for the digi version. I have not had a chance to fully check out there digi version but it sure does offer more content.

David Cope said...


Why is it that the majority of Ham Radio organisations just don't get the net?

First a user form to harvest your email address. Then an email to to get a link to another web page which loads a Flash based viewer!

If your going to say "Look try this out, if you like maybe buy a subscription" - just give a direct downloadable PDF (common across most platforms/e readers). Simple, easy job done.

Content looks good though, but I'll pass for now due to above.