6 Jun 2012

Hendricks QRP Kits

The BitX SSB transceiver on the QRP Kits website
http://www.qrpkits.com/ have some really nice kits on their pages these days. If you are new to QRP then they offer a very nice way to join in the fun. One example is the very neat version of the famous BitX 20m SSB transceiver designed in India originally. They also have plenty of CW kits and accessory kits like ATUs, attenuators and simple pieces of test gear. I've never actually built any of these kits but they look well designed with clear building instructions.


Casey Bahr said...

I always recommend Hendricks kits, they really have some nice units and a wide variety. I hope to get one of them in the near future.


- Casey TI2/NA7U

Anonymous said...

The "KD1JV Tri-Bander CW transceiver" looks like a sweet little radio. But at $200 USD, a little on the pricey side.

Rgds, David