7 Jun 2012

FT817 replacement - 2 years away

The following (extract from a) post from Bryan KE6ZGP appeared on the FT817 Yahoo group in the last few days.
"Tom interviewed the Yaesu rep about their new FT-DX3000 and the FT-1D, when all was said and done he started taking questions, I went ahead and asked about a possible replacement for the FT-817. The rep then stated - due to some parts (like the LCD screen) either being no longer available or extremely hard to find, they will likely replace the FT-817 in a couple years. He wasn't sure when exactly, R&D hasn't started on anything, but the earliest we can expect to hear any solid talk is two years from now."
Now I assume this data is good and the rep from Yaesu is properly informed. If so, then any replacement to the FT817 is at least 2 years away. This gives Elecraft a clear field for a couple of years with their new KX3. The only other QRP radio on the horizon is the Ten Tec Argonaut VI which is due out towards the end of the autumn this year.


Paul PC4T said...

Yeasu's company's strategy seems to fail. Or they must think that the FT817 is unbeatable. 73 Paul

David said...

I'd rather like to see Icom come out with a successor to the 703. Keep the form factor and style, add in 2m and 70cms and perhaps internal LiPoly battery.

Bob said...

But if a company rep said that a new model was due out in six months time think what the sales impact would be! As soon as a new model is KNOWN to be coming they will be forced to drop prices or lose sales. So denial is the best policy.