18 Apr 2012

Low cost rotator

In my search for a low cost rotator for small and lightweight VHF/UHF yagis I see that Conrad Electronics UK sells an "external TV rotator" for £52.99, plus postage from Germany with a free 2 year warranty.

3 core cable, 70 secs 360 deg rotation, 45kg load, 300Nm bending moment, 21.6Nm torque.  See eBay item 180832166179.

Does anyone have any experience of this rotator?


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...


I have a similar unit (http://www.sonigate.com/pt/product/show_details/29932/Rotor-Antenas-ate-45Kg-Peso-Vertical-Completo-com-Comando-sem-Travao) for some years and still works OK, but, it is not placed outside, for outside use and looking from my unit construction I suspect it would not last long (maybe 3/4 years unless frequent maintenance is done) on an harsh or salty climate although it has rubber seal on the rotating part.
Has plenty of strength for small antennas like TV broadcast ones.

Hope it helps

Casey Bahr said...


I use one very similar to that one for my folded VK2ABQ up 6 meters on a mast. No problems so far and the dial seems to stay properly synchronized. The antenna (see my blog) is definitely larger than recommended length-wise, but it's pretty light.



gj7rwt said...

Looks like a bargain to me, for the price its worth giving it a go!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Chinese AR-303 rotor.

The control panel has got a motor. It moves the bearing pointer in the console's display. So expect some unpleasant noise in your shack from the console when turning your antenna.

Take a look here for a modification and pictures of the entrails:

And consult youtube:

Anonymous said...

Go for it. The best setup is both a steerable directional antenna and a separate omni-directional antenna. You listen for calls on the omni, then QSO with the directional antenna. This reduces QRM for both you and the rest of the community, and you can use far less power. Plus, looking at the direction of an incoming signal can often tell you something about the mode of propagation. David WB4ONA

Anonymous said...

Ebay item no. 290700859434 is a nice vhf/uhf rotator.six days left to run.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if these are still available please

Roger G3XBM said...

Sorry Chris, no idea.