24 Apr 2012

Elecraft KX3 production ramp up

Elecraft KX3 units are starting to make their way into customers' hands now, although the initial product rate has been quite low. On the KX3 Yahoo Group there have been a few reports of initial huccups although this is to be expected in any new production run and, as always, Elecraft has handled these very well. According to Wayne Burdick, production is soon expected to ramp up now these initial problems are being ironed out. Wayne writes:
"Off the top of my head....  We had one unit with a dead MCU clock crystal (extremely rare). One radio wouldn't turn off because a mic wire was touching another component (we're looking at heat shrink for that). Two had problems with EEPROM due to a firmware bug I found and fixed at 1:30 AM on Monday morning. This firmware is already in beta test. 

Mostly just new-product syndrome. We really are on the verge of serious shipping increases."
 I have still to decide if/when to order one. The initial reviews on www.eham.net have been excellent.


VE3WDM said...

Good morning Roger, yes there sure is a buzz regarding the new KX3! I have seen blog postings of the few who have their brand spanking new rigs. I am in your boat I am not sure as of yet whether I am going to order one or not. I have Elecraft rigs from the KX1 up to the K3. Personally if I am to get one I may end up waiting for about a year for them to get some of the bugs out.

Peter Marks said...

I ordered the kit version a few hours after they started taking orders but I'm happy that they are being totally professional and addressing early quality and software problems.