4 Apr 2012

FT817 in short supply?

I am hearing repeated stories of the FT817ND being in short supply from various dealers in the UK. One rumour is this is due to component supply shortages so units are not arriving from Japan in the numbers needed.

Of course there could be another explanation: the rig is about to be replaced at long last.  It is not unusual for dealers to be told to run down stocks of the older models which will be harder to shift once a newer model becomes available, except with significant discounting (think of the iPad3).  Once a new model arrives sales will go sky high.

Now, I have no information at all, so don't write to ask me, but I would dearly love to know the truth.


VE3WDM said...

It would seem funny that the parts are not coming through for the FT-817 but all the other rigs they produce are coming off the line ok. So maybe a new rig is on it's way......Maybe Daton??

Anonymous said...

The state of DSP technology makes a small yet affordable HF radio transceiver very possible today provided Marketing allows it to happen. The Yaesu FT450D is an example as a stepping stone. Let's see if the FT817 replacement will hold to the old school idea of nickle-and-diming us to death with the cost of "accessories" or whether a more sensible path will be taken. With luck the radio will be reasonably priced and uncrippled. Icom's profit margin will remain high and the large uptake of the radio will preserve high revenue levels. Take that elecraft with your over-priced K3!

73's David

Richard said...

I read that the entire FT-817 production line was affected. All components, not just the display. I don't think there is some market maneuvering going on. Even the FT-857D rig was affected by the disaster. That is pretty much a big-brother version of the FT-817. I noted that HRO dealers are just beginning to get new FT-857D rigs in stock again...at over $800 dollars a pop. I suspect, only suspect, mind, that the FT-817 will not come back and there will not be another QRP version forthcoming. Hope I am wrong.