4 Apr 2012

2m/70cm DXing

See http://www.f9ft.com/ antennas
On a few occasions in the last year I've operated /P in the RSGB's UK Activity Contests (UKAC) on Tuesday evenings and thoroughly enjoyed them. Even with just a small halo on 2m and a 4 el yagi on 70cms I was surprised how much could be worked and the high levels of activity.

It is some years since I've used 2m and 70cms from home with a horizontal yagi and I am tempted to erect something to give it a go. I know that outside of contests activity these days is low, but it still seems like worth doing. Whether I erect a rotatable yagi or a stacked turnstyle remains to be seen. It is a long time since 2m was filled with G8 stations using FT290s, 30W linears and Tonna 9el yagis!

Right now I have other antennas erected on the 2 small masts attached to the house and it may be some months before I make changes, but maybe I will get something in the air and see what happens. As well as SSB/CW DX there is so much more to explore these days with digital modes.

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Anonymous said...

Roger, I have been suprised at how much cw I hear on 2m - often more often something happening than on ssb (activity Tuedays excepted)! Having said that, there are still quiet times and it pays to keep checking/listening often if you are interested. Look forward to working you sometime. Having had a break of over 20 years from radio, you can imagine that my cw is very rusty though! Philp G4HOJ PS. I have been trying to build a simple 2m DC cw tramsceiver but not had good success so far.