14 Mar 2012

Further 481THz G4HJW reception "over the horizon"

G4HJW received on 481THz over an 8.63km non line-of-sight path
Bernie G4HJW was 20dB S/N in 0.67Hz bandwidth earlier this evening at my local test site 8.63km NLOS from his QTH "over the horizon". Bernie was using his Phlatlight beacon with 1.082kHz tone. The sky was clear and starlit, so this was clear air scattering not cloudbounce.  About 15 minutes after I first copied him it seemed to get more hazy and I was struggling to find his signal at all.  Best results appear to be with a clear sky and aiming at the horizon. 

On 3 attempts copying G4HJW's optical signal it has been (1) 30dB S/N, (2) no copy and (3) today 20dB S/N in 0.67Hz bandwidth over an 8.63km NLOS path. I am still using the BPW34 detector in 100mm optics.

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