13 Mar 2012

160m JT65 QSO with loft vertical

JT65 QSO with 2E0ZRQ this evening on 160m
Managed to work 2E0ZRQ who was running 20W to a longwire with my 5W to the tiny loft vertical antenna this evening on JT65-HF. This is my first QSO with this mode on topband at a distance of 148km.


Bob said...

Congratulations, I saw that you copied the station in Bracknell that I worked earlier, but he was running 50 watts and I had 10 only. I upped it to 30 laater but you still did not copy me when I worked the IK station. Local QRM wiped it out for me but I see I jus mad this spot 21:48 G3WKW UA3IAJ -19 1838 -361 2512 KM (1561 Miles) so might go up again.

Roger said...

Was that him spotting you Bob? Impressive if so. Will keep trying this week for so some more JT65 QSOs on topband.

Paul PHØTO said...

I worked Glen also on 160 meter, and I saw you spotted me few days ago.