17 Feb 2012

Optical cloudbouncing (stage 2)

With my QRSS3 success last weekend over a 3.6km non line-of-sight path at 481THz (red light) I've been looking at other possible NLOS cloudbounce paths that start from my home QTH where I can set up my 100mm optics 0.7W input beacon pointing out of a bedroom window.

There are several different paths out to around 8km away that will be tried shortly.  I need to do a quick check at the RX locations to see that there are no issues e.g. trees very close and that I can safely park the car off the road at night. The tests can't start for a few days as I have grandchildren with us over the weekend. Maybe the first test will be on Tuesday evening.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, very interesting experiment.
The small bandwidth of the filter makes your receiver extremely sensitive. It must be great fun to go on your way "in the dark". Please keep us informed.
Good luck and enjoy the stay of your grandchildren.
73, Bert

Anonymous said...


I have been reading up on APD's and wonder if a cheap photo diode could be made to work In avalanch mode.
Any chance of you publishing these experiments In PW?