17 Dec 2011

EU bureacracy threat to ham radio kit building?

The excellent Southgate Amateur Radio News site has some information which should concern amateurs who build kits. They recommend writing to your local MEP to make you views known.
"Thilo DL9KCE, reports a threat to amateur radio kits and modified equipment arising from changes to the EMC directive.  Currently amateur radio kits and modified equipment are specifically excluded from the directive but under the proposed changes they would be fully subjected to the EMC directive. The resulting high compliance costs could make it uneconomic to develop and sell kits so killing off the kit market. If radio amateurs wished to modify equipment it appears they would also incur additional costs and bureaucratic hassle."
The aim of the EU as a common market for trade is sensible but, like many here in the UK, I abhor it when the bureaucrats in Brussels start to interfere and try to fix things that are not broken. I don't want to get into a debate here about the merits of the Euro, but do feel that 2012 will be a year in which the citizens of Europe, and that includes the UK, will face some very tough decisions.


Julian Moss said...

The EU unfortunately is a concept created by people who live in cloud cuckoo land. As such, I believe it is doomed. The only question is how long and how much money it will take trying to prevent the inevitable failure?

Anonymous said...

Socialism. Soon they'll be telling you what color underwear to wear - not to mention you'll have to stand in line just to buy the State produced underwear.