17 Nov 2011

UKNanowaves Group

G0EHV's lightbeam kit (from the UKNanowaves group photos)
Today I joined the UKNanowaves Group which is dedicated to optical communications.  There is a lot of useful information on this group in the postings and in the files and photos sections. Reading the membership list I noticed several local amateurs interested in optical comms, so when I get my equipment for 481THz working credibly I will have a good chance of some QSOs locally.

Today some of my optical comms electronics parts arrived so I hope to start experimenting with these on the bench shortly. Most gear built for 481THz is simple and homebrew. Apart from designs using transverters to HF or VHF, all kit is in the 0-40kHz frequency range, so easily engineered with simple test equipment. Perhaps, like VLF and LF, this is partly why it appeals to me.

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