17 Nov 2011

IC703 Sold

For around 6-7 years I've owned and used an IC703 10W QRP radio as part of my station. Although I have worked all over the planet with it on SSB and CW, it had not been used anything like as much as the FT817, so I decided to "de-clutter"and sell it.  It was bought by a local friend who hasn't got any HF SSB/CW gear apart from a homebrew rig for 20m.  I had thought of trading it in, so offered him the rig at the trade-in value. If he doesn't get hours of fun and enjoyment from it, especially on 10m at the moment, I'd be very surprised. You see very few of these transceivers available on the second hand market, I guess because owners hang on to them.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure a very satisfactory transaction for both parties,

David said...

The 703 is a fantastic radio. I've no plans to part with mine at all.

Excellent rx too, though seems a bit deaf on 137kHz - I've not seen any WSPR activity there.