2 Oct 2011

Sputnik valve TXs on air this week

All being well, for a few days starting October 4th I shall be on 21.060kHz using G6ALB's "Sputnik" valve TX which puts out 400mW. Several other stations around the world will be running similar rigs and with luck we will manage a few Sputnik-Sputnik QSOs. DL2BQD will certainly be on and also, with luck, some transatlantic propagation will be possible.


Michael, AA1TJ said...

Hi Roger,

Sounds great! I'll be QRV as well. I had news this morning that JA1XTQ is working feverishly to complete the power supply for his Sputnik clone. Ditto for Bert, PA1B. Please keep an ear out as well for R3DAU, RN3AUS and DL3PB; all of whom have clones ready and waiting.

Now if only the conditions will cooperate!

Good luck and I hope we can make a go of it tomorrow, Roger. I'll be on 21061.8kHz. Since I'll be "rock-bound" I'll be sure to tune above and below 21060 after making calls from here.

Mike, AA1TJ

Juergen said...

Is there the schematic of the valve tx availiable ?

Roger G3XBM said...


Look at AA1TJ's blog for the circuit G6ALB based his version on. See http://aa1tj.blogspot.com/2011/07/sputnik-qso-party-transmitter-prototype.html